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Get to know everything about who we are, what our key advantages are, and how important it is for us to provide top quality products through the high standards of our advanced manufacturing technologies.

our company

our company

The company entered the gaming sector in 1995 with the manufacture of gaming terminals. Thanks to our 27 years of experience, today we are specialists in the manufacture of betting, gaming and info terminals. We can proudly announce that Gamingmatic Ltd. has won the trust of nearly 50 regular clients in 15 different countries over the years. Our secret lies in the hard-earned experience in manufacturing during the past years, the carefully selected materials, and our confidence in the quality we provide, which is the guarantee of durability and reliability of our products.

Our manufacturing capacity makes us capable of mass production, however, it has never been our cup of tea. Our goal is focusing on the production of high-quality and unique machines, because we are able to modify the internal structure of our cabinets flexibly, according to the special demands of our customers. For this reason, our partners have the opportunity to purchase tailor-made products that fit their requirements.

We produce both simple cabinets and finished machines that are ready to use. Our secret lies in the careful selection of our suppliers, who produce high-standard, reliable and robust hardware equipment for the machines we build. Based on customers feedback, we pay extra attention to make the machines service-friendly, all installed equipments can be reached easily, and inboards and looms are clear and designed in an orderly manner.

The main advantage of choosing our company is that we can design, produce and assemble the requested machines, all in one.



Reliable Assembly Process

we make fully built and tested* machines

Professional Design Process

our design engineers develop conceptual and detailed designs that ensure that the product functions and meets the manufacturing requirements set up by the unique needs of the customer

Flexibility in the Used Hardware Elements

we provide procurement of required hardware parts, or do the assembly with parts sent by the customer if needed

Service-friendly Builds

clear, transparent and easy to reach parts and looms

Reliable Supply Chain

we only work with carefully selected suppliers, including the procurement of hardware parts and raw materials, which guarantees the durability and reliability of our products

Experience in Wiring

we can make the full wiring harness for the requested machines if needed



Thanks to our wide range of advanced machinery and professional equipment, we can guarantee the highest quality for our customers.

Our manufacturing capacity is 2500-3000 machines per year, thanks to our reliable supply lines of raw materials and electric components, and human resources. The size of our plant is 6000 m2.

Our machinery and technologies include, but not limited to the following items and categories:



  • high-end laser cutter machine
  • high-end punching machine
  • multiple bending machines for different tasks
  • multiple welding stations and technologies


Plexiglass Processing

  • high-end plexiglass printer
  • plexi cutters (both laser and


Assembly Workshop

  • tools for complete assembly and testing processes
  • tools to produce complete wiring harness


Finishing Options

  • powder coating, sintering
  • chroming
  • coating with other metals

our manufacturing process

our our manufac­turing process


surveying customer needs


our designing engineer makes a 3D model of the requested machine


we start the production of the steel cabinet


if requested, we can do the full assembly including wiring and testing